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Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL, IOOO

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Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL, IOOO

Registered address

room 19, 11 Chapaeva Str., Osipovichi, Mogilev district, 213760
Roofing Plant TechnoNICOL, IOOO

Roofing plant TechnoNICOL was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on June 7, 2017 with an investment project in the field of building materials production.

Roofing plant TechnoNICOL is a large enterprise of the Belarusian construction industry, producing modern roofing and waterproof materials, as well as bitumen, cold and hot mastics, prime coatings.

At present Roofing plant TechnoNICOL produces a wide range (more than 400 items) of roofing and waterproof materials for roofing of buildings and structures of various purposes, bituminous and bitum-polymeric materials based on cardboard, glass-fiber mat, glass cloth, polyester cloth.

The materials produced by the plant are of high quality. The test results and experience in the use of manufactured materials confirm their reliability and durability.

The company has a modern laboratory for the control of quality indicators and further improvement of production technology.

The products of Roofing plant TechnoNICOL are sold on the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus and supplied to the countries of near and far abroad - more than 60% of goods are exported.

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