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Mogilevliftmash, ОАО

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Mogilevliftmash, ОАО

Registered address

212798, Mogilev, Mira ave., 42
In accordance with the business plan, the resident is implementing an investment project for the development of Mogilevliftmash, ОАО in 2019-2024 on the territory of FEZ "Mogilev". Within the framework of the project, it is planned to master the production of new products and re-equip the industrial capacities of the enterprise.

The production program of Mogilevliftmash, ОАО includes more than 200 basic models of elevators. It also manufactures escalators and travolators, access platforms for people with disabilities, car parking systems, elevator replacement parts and upgrade kits, construction equipment, undergrowth shredders, electric motors, and various consumer products.

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