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Omsk Carbon Mogilev, IOOO

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Omsk Carbon Mogilev, IOOO

Registered address

36 Veino rural council, Mogilev region, 212035, West of Veino agrotown
Omsk Carbon Mogilev, IOOO

Omsk Carbon Mogilev was registered as a "Mogilev" FEZ resident on November 09, 2012 to implement the investment project in the sphere of chemistry.

Omsk Carbon Mogilev is the only company in Belarus that produces carbon black. It was designed and constructed due to long-term experience of Omskcarbon group in the field of high-quality production, effective marketing policy, resource-saving technologies and environmental care.

Omsk Carbon Mogilev is a part of Omsk Carbon Group, which is the leading manufacturer in terms of output in Russia and the CIS countries. It ranks among the world's ten leading manufacturers of carbon black and is the largest manufacturer in Russia and the CIS.

Omsk Carbon Group includes 3 production sites: in Omsk and Volgograd (the Russian Federation) and Mogilev (the Republic of Belarus).

The enterprise produces 36 grades of carbon black, that are used in tire industry, production of industrial rubber goods, plastics, batteries, electric cells, paints and varnishes and in construction. Carbon black is shipped to 34 countries worldwide. The yearly output of carbon black reaches 470,000 tonnes. 70% of products exported.

Omsk Carbon Group companies hold certificates of conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The two countries' public authorities have been closely involved in OCG's investment project from the first day of its implementation. Today Omsk Carbon Mogilev provides a brilliant example of industrial cooperation between the Russian and Belarusian economies. Omsk Carbon Mogilev manufactures a high-tech product while keeping a balance between efficiency, environmental protection and safety.

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