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BelEmsa, ООО

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BelEmsa, ООО

Registered address

9 Polykovichi, Mogilev district, 213121
BelEmsa, ООО

BelEmsa was registered as a "Mogilev" FEZ resident on April 26, 2011 to implement the investment project on production of personal hygiene products.

The company was officially opened in August 2012. The company is the first manufacturer of disposable baby diapers in Belarus.

In 2016 the first modern, fully-automated line for producing wet wipes of various types and package sizes was launched.

Wihin 2020 new projects on the production of adult diapers and medical masks of different types have been launched. The masks are certified for GOST compliance and are proven with European Directive 93/42/EEcof and FDA certificate.

All the raw materials for production are monitored in accredited laboratories for sanitary safety rates under the technical regulation of the Customs Union and conform to health rules and standards.

The goods are made of environmentally safe raw materials at an affordable price. The raw suppliers are the leading companies from the USA, Finland, Turkey, France, Germany, South Korea, the Russian Federation, Belgium, the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise works for providing consumers with quality goods of Belarusian manufacture. It is increasing the percentage of domestically produced items in the country’s total turnover and enforces the import substitution program. BelEmsa products are oriented for both Belarusian consumers and buyers from the Customs Union and far abroad.

BelEmsa gives high priority to social projects, regularly provides charitable aid to social organizations, health-care institutions, children’s homes and specialized residential centers, persons with disabilities.


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