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Registered address

213800, Mogilev region, Bobruisk, 13a Shinnaya Str., Room 11

DUNA PELLET was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on March 11, 2020 with an investment project in the field of woodworking. The company specializes in production of fuel pellets (wood pellets) - biofuel in the form of cylindrical pellets obtained from waste wood processing industry by drying and pressing.

The advantages of using fuel pellets are that pellets emit more heat than sawdust and wood chips, which increases the efficiency of boilers. Moreover, pellets don't require large storage areas and do not ignite spontaneously during storage.

Production of wood pellets is considered one of the most effective ways to dispose small wood waste and bark.

The target markets for fuel pellets are the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland), the Netherlands and Germany.

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