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Perfumery Cosmetics Plant “Sontsa”, OOO

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Perfumery Cosmetics Plant “Sontsa”, OOO

Registered address

1 Proektiruemaya Str., Osipovichi, 213760, Mogilev district
Perfumery Cosmetics Plant “Sontsa”, OOO

Sontsa company was registered as a Mogilev FEZ resident on December 30, 2011 with the investment project on establishing production of household chemicals and personal hygiene products.

The company became the leader in laundry detergents production since it started its sales on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Sontsa has an extensive geography of supplies to the CIS and EU countries and which constantly develops. The products are represented on the markets of Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, China.

An innovative approach to technologies and product development makes the company strongly competitive, boosts business by supplying in-demand products for customers.

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