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Ekstrusion Technologies, ООО

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Ekstrusion Technologies, ООО

Registered address

Room 1, 7 Vitebsky Prospekt, Mogilev, 212004
Ekstrusion Technologies, ООО

Extrusion Technologies was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on June 18, 2018 with an investment project for production of PVC profiles.

The average output is about 2 thousand tonnes per month. These are window profiles, window sills, window jambs and other PVC products. The company sells its products to more than 100 enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

The competitive advantages of Extrusion Technologies in Belarus is the use of modern technologies and equipment, including Henshel (Germany) and Plasmec (Italy), and a mixing unit. Raw materials are supplied to the plant from leading world companies.

The production of profile systems is equipped with modern extrusion lines manufactured and tested at factories of the Austrian company Cincinnati Extrusion. Ten extrusion lines produce a full range of profile systems, as well as window sills and window jambs.

Storage and loading of the profile for transportation is carried out in a closed area in the factory building, which eliminates the impact of weather conditions.

The company has developed an internal quality control system. It includes input control of raw materials, control of finished products in the laboratory, testing in accordance with the requirements of the state standards of the Republic of Belarus in independent testing centers. International certificate ISO 9001-2009 is a sign of a high level of work of the enterprise and product quality. The company's products have won competitions and awards.

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