For registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, you can contact a notary.

Along with the registration authorities, documents for the state registration of a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) may be submitted to a notary. 

By applying to a notary, you can register: 
• legal entity; 
• amendments and additions to the Charter (Memorandum of Association - for commercial organizations operating only on the basis of the Memorandum of Association) of a legal entity; 
• individual entrepreneur; 
• changes made to the certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur. 

The documents which are submitted to the notary, also submitted to the registering body. You can apply to any notary regardless of the place of residence of the applicant (the location of the legal entity). 

The full list of notary offices can be found on the website of Belarusian notary Association in the section "find a notary". It is also important that the amount of the notarial tariff charged for the performance of this notarial act is less than the size of the state fee paid by the applicants upon personal appeal to the registering body. When applying to a notary, the Charter and the certificate of state registration are issued to the applicant by a notary.
November 20, 2018