Investment projects

Investment projects being offered for implementation in the Mogilev FEZ 


Creation of production of all-steel radial tires with rim diameter up to 63”


Creation of production of all-steel radial tires with rim diameter of 25-29”


Establishment of the of auto components manufacturers industrial area in «Mogilev» FEZ

Establishment of chemical products’ manufacturers within the frames of the chemical cluster   
Establishment of production within the frames of the forestry cluster  
Organization of production of PET BCF yarns

 Establishment of an international transport and logistic center 

Establishment of erosion-preventive mats production
Project cost – USD 1,3 mln
Payback period – 3 years 

Setting up a specialized foundry for production of railroad and large-size casting
Project cost – USD 250  mln


Establishment the production of the plastic automotive components
Project cost – USD 15 mln

Establishment of the energy efficient lighting systems based on LED chips production
Project cost – USD 7  mln

Organization furniture fittings production in «Mogilev» FEZ

Project cost – USD 15  mln

Establishment of pellets

Project cost – USD 3 mln

Organization of plastic euro pallets (EPALs)

Project cost – Euro 10 mln

Manufacturing of abrasive tools

Project cost – Euro 10-30 mln

Production of automotive filters

Project cost – USD 10-15 mln.

Organisation of stamped steel and die-cast automotive rims production

Project cost – USD 50 mln.

Organisation of automobile batteries production

Project cost – USD 25 mln.