Lot 1А

The lot occupies the area of 11 hectares (suburban area). It is located near «Plant «Mogilevtransmash», the affiliate of OJSC «МАZ».

Power supply: There is a power line running across the lot. 10m-wide areas astride the power line constitute the sanitary protection zone. A 110/10kW power substation with the reserve capacity of 14 MW is situated 1km away form the lot.

Water supply: A water pipeline with the diameter of 150mm runs at the distance of 500m.

Sewer system:  Can be connected to the city system situated in 500m.

Drainage system: Trench system (to be approved by Mogilev Zonal Hygiene and Epidemiology Center).

Service roads: A railroad branch runs along the lot.

Gas supply: A gas control point is located 800m away from the lot.

Land type: cropland

According to the general plan of Mogilev city the lot is a part of the industrial area.

Fire safety: A fire depot for 4 fire-fighting vehicles is situated in the territory of «Plant «Mogilevtransmash», the affiliate of OJSC «МАZ», at the distance of 1km from the lot.