Land lot 4A with the total area of 3,0 ha.
Water supply - along Prospekt Shmidta at the boundary of the land lot lies the water pipeline, 200 mm in diameter. 
Gas supply - gas control unit and gas pipeline, 529 mm in diameter, are located 1.5 km away from the land lot. 
Sewerage - 300 m to the East from the land lot lies the sewerage, 150 mm in diameter, storm-water sewerage, 315 mm in diameter. 
Heat supply  - heat network is 70 m away from the land lot.  
Approach roads: Automobile road - Prospekt Shmidta along the nort side of the land lot and an asphalt road Mogilev - Vilchitsy in the east side. 
Railway road - a railway road to Zadneprovskaya railway station lies 70 m away from the east side of the land lot.