The lot 4A is situated near JSC "Mogilevkhimvolokno" and occupies the area of 6,8 hectares.

There are engineering and transport infrastructure for realization of the investment projects of FLLC "VMG Industry" and "Mebelain" on the land lot.

1. Electrical substation 110/10 kV with 2 electrical transformers (power 40000 kVA) 
2. Industrial water pipeline with diameter 300 mm. 
3. Drainage system with diameter 2000 mm and cleaning structures 
4. Industrial sewage with the sewer-pumping station (power 320 m3 per hour) 
5. Telephone and radio communication systems 
6. Access roads and railways 
7. Heating systems 
8. Roads, truck parking lots, sidewalks 
9. Firefighter post