OAO “Mogoteks”

87 Grishina Street, Mogilev

Canteen No 116

A two-storey building occupying an area of 1 908 m2.
Pre-fabricated ferroconcrete foundation and ceiling slabs, brick walls, plasterboard partitions. Cement, mosaic, and tile floors, combined soft-roll roofing.
Supply-and-exhaust ventilation, a central heating system, a steel water supply system, and electric wiring are installed. Due to a long period of abandonment the engineering infrastructure has partially fell in disrepair.

Note:  Rent

Dye-finishing workshop

There are two vacant industrial lots with total area of 6694 m2.
The height of constructions is 8m. Basement of the building and slabs are ferroconcrete. Walls are made from brick.
There is a possibility to connect to lines of water-supply, sewerage, heating system, gas pipelines and compressed air pipelines.

Available capacity of CTS is 3MW

Note: for rent