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International scientific and practical conference "MACHINE BUILDING AND METALWORKING" starts in 49 days

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to become a resident of Mogilev FEZ?
  2. What is required for registration as a resident of Mogilev FEZ?
  3. Can joint ventures be registered in the territory of Mogilev FEZ?
  4. How much does the state registration of an enterprise in the territory of Mogilev FEZ take?
  5. Can an enterprise-resident be created outside Mogilev FEZ?
  6. Does an enterprise located in the territory of Mogilev FEZ have any exemptions and preferences?
  7. What preferences are granted to a Mogilev FEZ resident?
  8. Are there differences in privileges granted to enterprises of various fields of activity?
  9. What must the authorized capital of a resident enterprise be? 
  10. Can an enterprise rendering services become a Mogilev FEZ resident?
  11. What are charges for public utility services and energy paid by the resident enterprises of Mogilev FEZ?
  12. What kinds of activity are prohibited in Mogilev FEZ?


Mogilev Free Economic Zone Administration

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Fax : +375 222 31 15 81


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Republic of Belarus

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