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莫吉廖夫自由经济区 關於莫吉廖夫自由經濟區的有用信息


The real estate item is represented by a complex of three separate capital buildings. All the capital buldings are owned by individual entrepreneur Fabio Marchesini. They are located in Oktiabrski district of Mogilev on the land plot with area of 1,6223 ha offered for lease until December 16, 2034 according to the additional agreement of September 08, 2014 to lease contract No.747 of December 27, 2004.

The complex’s territory is surrounded by reinforced concrete walls along the perimeter and profiled metal fence.

The acting railway branch line that can be used for car spotting passes across the complex’s territory.

There is also a free land plot with an area of 0.5 ha that can be used for additional construction or parking lot arrangement or with any other purpose.