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Aquaterminal, OOO

入驻企业 關於莫吉廖夫自由經濟區的有用信息

Aquaterminal, OOO

Registered address

Room 1, 45 Prospekt Shmidta, Mogilev, 212035

Aquaterminal was registered as a Mogilev FEZ resident on June 28, 2018 with an investment project in the service sector.

Currently, a number of enterprises in "Mogilev" FEZ ship finished products, raw materials and components by large-capacity vehicles that need constant service. Also, a large volume of transit cargo is shipped through Mogilev by large-capacity vehicles, which also need servicing.

The services rendered by the car service center include:
- tire service for trucks that deliver raw materials and supplies to "Mogilev" FEZ residents, and finished products - to customers, as well as transit cargo transport;
- a 4-vehicle car wash.

Consumers of services are "Mogilev" FEZ resident enterprises.

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