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Siberia, OOO

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Siberia, OOO

Registered address

Republic of Belarus, 212008, Mogilev, 224А Krupskoy Str., room 5-3

Siberia was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on July 21, 2020 with an investment project in the field of woodworking. The company specializes in the production of elements for frame houses such as: dry planed calibrated board, wooden trusses, floor trusses, other wooden elements (pillars, beams, supporting structures, etc.), as well as fuel pellets by processing waste (sawdust, wood chips) from production.

Modern technologies provide:
- use of a limited amount of machines with flexible technology for processing (use of processing centers, reduction of equipment reconfigurations, increase in processing volumes per reconfiguration, etc.);
- maintaining consistent product quality;
- improve transportation of parts and the release of staff from heavy and repetitive work.

The target market is far abroad.

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