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Steel Investment, OOO

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Steel Investment, OOO

Registered address

213105, Mogilev region, 1 Veino Rural Council
Steel Investment, OOO

Steel-Investment was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on February 14, 2020 with an investment project in the production of finished metal products. The company specializes in production of electric-welded steel round and shaped pipes.

Electric-welded pipes are widely used all over the world. Pipelines made of electric-welded steel pipes are found in almost every area of industry for transportation of liquids or gases: in the oil industry, when creating heating or water supply lines, gas transmission systems of any capacity.

In addition to being used directly in industry, such pipes are used as auxiliary materials, for example, for construction of fences, barriers, in the production of exercise machines.
The key advantage of electric-welded pipes is the combination of low metal consumption with high mechanical properties.

The advantages of electric-welded pipes:
- can be used in conditions with higher pressure compared to other pipes;
- suitable for the transport of chemically active, aggressive, toxic liquids or gases (provided the correct selection of the cross-section and internal coating of the pipe);
- longer service life (provided the necessary conditions are met);
- easier manufacture (do not require rolling operations and subsequent welding).

The main distribution area for the product is the territory of Germany, Lithuania and Poland.



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