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Omsk Carbon Mogilev starts cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Omsk Carbon Mogilev and the Institute of Natural Resource Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus signed an agreement on cooperation. The document was signed by Marat Igizbayev, Director General of Omsk Carbon Mogilev, and Sergey Lysenko, Director of the Institute of Natural Resource Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The agreement provides for promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation, close cooperation in the field of science and innovation. Among the ways of cooperation are carrying out joint scientific and technical research in the field of natural resource management, environmental protection and ecology, conducting joint scientific and methodological conferences, seminars, symposiums, meetings and exhibitions of mutual interest.

- We see that you are closely connected with science. You have an advanced, breakthrough business. Our Institute has strong respect for this kind of cooperation of science and industry. Therefore, I believe our cooperation will be successful and mutually beneficial. The carbon black that you are going to produce is of great interest for us, it is possible to create new various innovative products on its basis. They can be used in different spheres such as ecology, medicine and agriculture, - said the Director of the Institute of Natural Resource Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Sergey Lysenko.

- Our company pays great attention to scientific cooperation in Omsk and Volgograd. We are taking the first steps today in Belarus. I am sure that this will benefit our country. We are ready to cooperate, providing with product samples for laboratory testing and release new innovative product developed by joint efforts, - said the General Director of IOOO "Omsk Carbon Mogilev" Marat Igizbayev.

Signing of the agreement is the first step towards cooperation between the enterprise and the Institute. However, the parties have already outlined promising areas in which carbon black can be used as a raw material. Moreover, we are talking about the use of carbon black for environmental protection, including for its restoration. For example,

1. Development and production of complex biosorption samples for soil reclamation, including soils contaminated with heavy metal ions and radionuclides.

2. Development and production of oil sorbents with advanced characteristics when liquidating emergency oil spills on water, soil, industrial sites and equipment.

- These are starting points in our cooperation. However, today we can state that "Omsk Carbon Mogilev" opens for Belarusian researchers access to new, interesting and popular material. We know the traditional use of carbon black, but now there is an opportunity to find new ways to use it, and we are ready to move in this direction together with Omsk Carbon Mogilev, " said Alexey Thomson, Deputy Director for scientific work of the Institute of Natural Resource Management of the Natioanl Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Scientific and technical center "Omsktechuglerod" will supervise further cooperation between "Omsk Carbon Mogilev" and The Institute of Natural Resource Management of the NAS of Belarus. It is necessary to elaborate specific plans and tasks.

Omsk Carbon Mogilev is a "Mogilev" FEZ resident. At the moment the company operates in the regime of starting-up and adjustment works. The launch of the plant is scheduled for the end of 2019. The prospective design capacity of the enterprise "Omsk Carbon Mogilev" is 200 thousand tons of carbon black per year.