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Mebelain, IOOO

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Mebelain, IOOO

Registered address

22, Veino rural council, Mogilev region, 213000
Mebelain, IOOO

Mebelain was registered as a “Mogilev” FEZ resident on April 28, 2010 to implement the investment project in the field of woodworking.

Mebelain is a high technology factory, manufacturing carcass furniture. The founder of Mebelain is SBA Concern. Since its foundation the enterprise has maintained the dynamics of constant growth in production volumes and stays focused on the quality of manufactured furniture.

Mebelain is one of the fastest growing companies in “Mogilev” FEZ. The company has implemented 2 major investment projects on construction and expansion of its production capacity.

The main buyer of the company's products is the production and trade group of companies IKEA, one of the world's largest retail chains selling furniture and household goods. The company's products are in demand and are supplied to the markets of the Russian Federation, the European Union, Asia and North America.

The company is included in the register of authorized economic operators.

Success is mainly achieved by the work and continuous improvement of a stable quality management system, a logical structure of production and organization processes. The work of Mebelain divisions fully meets the demand of the ISO9001 standard. The scope of the company's interests and goals also includes the implementation of elements of environmental and energy management systems (requirements of ISO14001, 50001 standards). SAP system is implemented and used for full accounting of materials at each stage of the technological cycle and effective enterprise management.

Mebelain uses only environmentally safe wood raw material, which is confirmed by an FSC certificate for its products. Suppliers of raw materials are both domestic and foreign manufacturers.
To produce at minimal costs and create the highest value for the customers, specialists of Mebelain have implemented a set of elements of the Lean production system (Kaizen, Asaichi, TPM, SW, SMED, 5S, PDCA).

In 2018, the company won the national competition "Entrepreneur of the Year" in the "Stable Success" category.

In 2020, Mebelain was awarded with the diploma of the Republican contest "Best Exporter of 2019" in the "Woodworking and furniture production" category.

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