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Mogilev-Steel, OOO

入驻企业 關於莫吉廖夫自由經濟區的有用信息

Mogilev-Steel, OOO

Registered address

213105, Mogilev region, 1 Veino Rural Council

Mogilev-Steel was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on August 28, 2020 with an investment project in the production of finished metal products.

Production (possibilities):
- Steel plates/sheets, lengths 2,5 - 12m, widths 1250-1500mm, thicknesses 3-10mm, according to EN 10025/10051 (DIN EN 10029:2011 class A);
- Electrically welded round steel tubes (lengths 6-12m, Ø 88,9 - 219,1mm, thicknesses 3,0 - 8,0 мм), according to EN 10219; mostly n/a for export yet except for the biggest sizes;
- Electrically welded steel hollow sections (sizes from 70х70 mm to 180х180 mm (200х160 mm), thicknesses 3,0 - 8,0 мм); according to EN 10219;
- Other products on request.

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