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PK AktivBiochar, ООО

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PK AktivBiochar, ООО

Registered address

55 Prospekt Shmidta, Mogilev, 212035

PK AktivBiochar was registered as a resident of "Mogilev" FEZ on March 25, 2016 with an investment project in manufacturing industry. The company specializes in production of SP-SC biochar, which is a valuable raw material for various sectors of economy: energy industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, sewage treatment plants and filters, animal husbandry, soil fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, building materials.

Biochar is an ideal product for local use of biomass and biowaste with a high humidity content.

Thanks to volume reduction up to 75% and increased energy density, it is possible to transport biochar over long distances.
Biochar meets the requirements for biomass according to the German laws on renewable energy sources (EEG) and on the use of renewable energy for heating (EEWärmeG).

The target market is Western Europe.

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