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For investors Useful information about free economic zone in Mogilev


    The Republic of Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. The Republic is bordered by Latvia and Lithuania in the North, the Russian Federation in the East, the Republic of Poland in the West and Ukraine in the South.

    ·         Government: Presidential Republic

    ·         Head of the state: President Alexander Lukashenko

    ·         Population: about 10 million people

    ·         Area: 207.6 thousand sq.km.

    ·         Capital: Minsk

    ·         Regional centers: Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Brest, Grodno

    ·         Official languages: Russian, Belarusian.

    Main advantages of the Republic of Belarus:

    ·     Strategically advantageous location in the center of Europe at the intersection of the largest Trans-European highways “West-East-West”, “Baltic Region – Black Sea Region (Ukraine)”;

    ·         Common customs space with Russia and Kazakhstan;

    ·         Qualified labour force;

    ·         Well-developed manufacturing, research and development foundation, modern infrastructure;

    ·    Protection of investors’ rights and provision with sovereign guarantees on the invested capital by the legislation;

    ·         Belarus is a politically, economically and socially stable country.  

    Mogilev Region

    Mogilev Region is the Eastern region of the Republic of Belarus. The area of the Region is 29.1 thousand sq.km. In the East the Region borders on Smolensk and Bryansk Regions of the Russian Federation. The region occupies about 14 % of the territory of the Republic of Belarus and has 12 % of the Belarusian population.

    Mogilev Region is one of the most economically developed territories of the Republic of Belarus. It is characterized by high industrial and agricultural potential, advantageous geographical location.

    More than 250 large plants operate in the Region. Mogilev Region produces 16 % of the industrial goods manufactured in Belarus. Main industries represented in the Region are chemistry and petroleum chemistry, engineering, light industry and food industry. The Region is the major Belarusian producer of tires, elevators, electric motors, centrifugal pumps, cement, silk fabrics.

    The region has a highly educated human capital. Wide range of educational institutions includes 7 higher educational institutions, 20 specialized secondary educational establishments, 48 vocational schools and 526 comprehensive schools.


    The City of Mogilev is the third largest city of Belarus by population (about 370,000 people). The City is located on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper which falls into the Black Sea.

    About half of the industrial goods of Mogilev Region are produced in Mogilev.

    The City is located at the intersection of the most important traffic arteries, which connect Mogilev with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states. Mogilev airport can accommodate modern aircraft used on international lines, including Boing-737.

    A large railway junction is located in Mogilev. It can send and receive any types and kinds of cargo. The junction also has warehouses. Enterprises located within the Free Economic Zone can deliver their shipments by rail directly to the manufacturing area.

    Bordered by the Russian Federation in the East, Mogilev Region is a natural gateway to the common market of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. The Russian border is only 80 km away from Mogilev.

     Distances from Mogilev to other European cities:

    ·         Minsk - 220 km

    ·         Vilnius - 385 km

    ·         Kiev - 440 km

    ·         Moscow - 610 km

    ·         Riga - 681 km

    ·         Klaipeda - 705 km

    ·         Tallinn - 915 km

    ·         Warsaw - 735 km

    ·         Berlin – 1,215 km