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For investors Useful information about free economic zone in Mogilev


Cost of energy and municipal services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Municipal services

According to the Decree of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee No. 6-19 of December 21, 2021 current tariffs (since January 1, 2022) for water supply and sewerage (BYN/1m3 (VAT excluded)):

Water supply

2.04 ($0.80***)


1.34 ($0.52***)

*In accordance with Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 175 of February 27, 2014 (as of No. 37 January 18, 2018) the tariffs are indexed to the exchange rate of the BYN to the USD on the day of payment.

*** The USD rate as of the date the information was updated, i.e. January 1, 2022 (2,5481 BYN) is accepted for indexation.

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