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Dear visitors!

Please note that on January 2, 2023, the amendments made to Article 25 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities" have come into force. In this regard, the submission of electronic applications may be submitted ria the state unified (integrated) republican information system for recording and processing applications from citizens and legal entities. Please follow the link обращения.бел​ to submit an application now.

Electronic applications of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as citizens) and legal entities is considered by the "Mogilev" Free Economic Zone administration in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 18, 2011 “On Citizens’ and Legal Entities' Applications”.

According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 18, 2011 “On Citizens’ and Legal Entities' Applications” an electronic application is written either in the Belarusian or Russian language.

Electronic application of a citizen must contain:

  • surname, name, middle name or initials of the citizen;

  • address of the place of residence (place of stay) of the citizen;

  • essence of the application;

  • e-mail address of the citizen

Electronic application of a legal entity must contain:

  • full name of the legal entity;

  • registered office address;

  • essence of the application;

  • surname, name, middle name, of the authorized signatory;

  • e-mail address of the legal entity.

Electronic application is considered within 15 days from the registration date, the electronic application requiring further enquiry is considered within a month.

The response to application is e-mailed or posted according to the contact information given in the electronic application of the citizen or the legal entity in the cases established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 18, 2011 “On Citizens’ and Legal Entities’ Applications”.

The application is not considered if:

  • it is not written in the Belarusian or Russian language;

  • it doesn’t contain the surname, name, middle name, the place of residence (place of stay) of the citizen;

  • it doesn’t contain the full name of the legal entity and its registration address, the surname, name, or middle name of its authorized signatory (for legal entities);

  • it contains a text that cannot be read or identified;

  • it contains vulgar or obscene words and expressions;

  • it is subjected to review in accordance with the legislation on constitutional proceedings, civil, civil procedural, economic procedural, criminal procedural law, legislation governing the administrative process and the legislation on administrative procedures. In accordance with the legislation there is a different procedure for submission and consideration of such applications;

  • it contains issues that are beyond the authority of the "Mogilev" Free Economic Zone administration;

  • the deadline for lodging a complaint has been missed with no valid reason;

  • the re-application doesn’t contain new matters important for substantial consideration;

  • the correspondence with the applicant has been ceased.