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Belshina, ОАО

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Belshina, ОАО

Registered address

4 Minskoe shosse, Bobruisk, 213824
Belshina, ОАО

Belshina was registered as a resident of “Mogilev” FEZ on December 30, 2011 with an investment project on production of rubber tires, tires and tubes. Among the manufacturers of tire products, JSC "Belshina" is one of the largest enterprises in Europe. The company offers the consumer tires for cars, trucks, heavy vehicles, road-building and lifting-transport vehicles, electric vehicles, buses and agricultural vehicles produced under the brands: Astarta, AstartA SUV, Artmotion, ArtmotionSpike, Artmotion HP, Artmotion Snow, ArtmotionSnow HP, Bravado, Bravado Spike, Escortera, Forcerra, Forcerra Industry, Galero Agro.

The company's products are supplied to such the world's largest automotive manufacturers as: JSC BelAZ, JSC MAZ, JSC MTZ, JSC MZKT, JSC Amkodor, JSC Gomselmash, LLC KZ Rostselmash, JSC AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ PJSC, GAZ Group Management Company LLC and other companies.

The modern technical level of equipment of the enterprise, qualified personnel, the introduction of advanced achievements of science and technology, high culture and organization of production guarantee the high quality of the products.

The well-developed distribution network of the company allows it to offer its own products to consumers from more than 70 countries.



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