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Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi, RUE

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Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi, RUE

Registered address

9, 1-st Zavodskaya Str., Shklov, 213010, Mogilev region
Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi, RUE

Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagy was registered as a resident of “Mogilev” FEZ on December 29, 2011 with an investment project in the pulp and paper industry. The enterprise is a modern production complex, equipped with the latest technologies and hardware from leading European manufacturers for the production of high-quality newsprint and offset paper, base paper for decorative cladding materials, a wide range of woodworking products, as well as the construction of frame-panel houses and glued-beam houses.

Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagy occupies a leading position in the industry, delivering high-quality innovative products to the market. The production capacity is 40 thousand tonnes of paper per year. The products are used to print both black and white, and color press.

At Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagy a quality management system has been introduced in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. It extends to the design, development and manufacture of paper.

Throughout the entire period of development of the production, there has been an increase in the volume of export of products to foreign markets of both EU and the EAEU countries.


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