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STL Logistic, SOOO

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STL Logistic, SOOO

Registered address

12 Lupolovo station, Mogilev, 212018
STL Logistic, SOOO

STL Logistic was registered as a Mogilev FEZ resident on December 20, 2011 with an investment project on establishing a container terminal.

As part of the investment project, a container terminal was built, including a warehouse, access roads and 2 container platforms designed for 100 40-foot containers. STL Logistic is equipped with a crane, mobile ramps and other modern equipment, which allows to render services on transportation, container and wagon handling.

STL Logistic carries out domestic and international container cargo transportation by railway, sea and road.

Currently, STL Logistic renders the following types of logistics services:
- receiving and sending cargo in 20-feet and 40-feet containers;
- receiving and sending wagons;
- preparation of transport documents, forwarding;
- customs clearance services;
- services of temporary storage warehouse;
- heating tank containers to the required temperature;
- a range of services for collecting and dispatch of container trains.


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