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Mogilev Carriage Works, SZAO

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Mogilev Carriage Works, SZAO

Registered address

room 703, 5 Vitebsky Prospekt, Mogilev, 212601
Mogilev Carriage Works, SZAO

Mogilev Railway Car Building Works was registered as a resident of “Mogilev” FEZ on December 01, 2005 with an investment project in the sphere of machine building.

In 2008 it was included in the BELAZ Production Association. Since 2012 it has been an affiliate of BELAZ-HOLDING.

Mogilev Railway Car Building Works is the only manufacturer of railway freight stock in the Republic of Belarus.

The company’s goal is timely production of competitive, high-quality rolling stock that meets the needs of consumers, meets all the mandatory requirements, at affordable price.

The production of freight rolling stock provides the Belarusian Railway and other enterprises of the Republic of Belarus with domestic freight cars of various modifications, helps to develop the production and scientific and technical potential of the engineering industry of the Republic of Belarus, encourages development of a new modern sector of the engineering industry in the Republic of Belarus.

Over 13,000 of wagons were produced and sold both in the domestic market and to the CIS countries.

Implementation of quality management system ISO 9001 – 2009 in production ensures high demand of products not only in the Republic of Belarus but in the countries of the "Russian gauge 1520" as well.

Mogilev Railway Car Building Works today is a steadily developing company with promising future which holds a worthy position in the market of freight stock in the countries of the “Russian gauge 1520.

Mogilev Railway Car Building Works produces:
- General-purpose wagons;
- Hopper-wagons for transportation of mineral fertilizers;
- Hopper-wagons for transportation of cement;
- Hopper-wagons for transportation of grain;
- Covered general-purpose wagons;
- Platforms for transportation of timber;
- Specialized open-top cars.


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