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AzhurStal, ООО

入驻企业 關於莫吉廖夫自由經濟區的有用信息

AzhurStal, ООО

Registered address

212008, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, st. Kulibina, d. 7/3

AzhurStal, ООО was registered as a resident of the Mogilev FEZ on May 31, 2023.

In accordance with the business plan, the new resident of the Mogilev FEZ is implementing an investment project to organize the production of metal structures, camping furniture on the territory of Mogilev FEZ.

Azhurstal, ООО manufactures products by cold and hot forging, with subsequent preparation of surfaces for painting and painting itself, both by spraying conventional types of paints and by applying polymer coatings.

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