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Jokey Mogilev, SООО

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Jokey Mogilev, SООО

Registered address

3 Mytnaya Str., Mogilev, 212008
Jokey Mogilev, SООО

Jokey Mogilev was registered as a "Mogilev" FEZ resident on September 05, 2003 to implement the investment project on production of plastic containers for food and non-food products.

Jokey Group is a family-owned company based in Wipperfürth, has stood for outstanding expertise in plastic injection moulding since 1968. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers, innovators and technology leaders in the field of rigid plastic packaging - and have been a pioneer in sustainable packaging.

Jokey Mogilev is a part of the Jokey Group, which consists of 15 factories located in 12 countries of the world.

This project is considered to be an example of perfect enterprise management. Since its establishment there was carried out a full technical requipment and new production technologies were developed. It gives the opportunity to manufacture the products that correspond the highest standards and are in high demand in EU and EEU markets.

Jokey Mogilev has created all necessary conditions for the development of individual packaging projects.

The manufacture of new types of packaging is performed by product designers, engineers and customer relations specialists. Based on the technical specifications of the customer, the company provides detailed design concept, develops sketch in the 3D layout and brings the model to the stage of mold manufacturing and launching into production.

Conquered during the years of hard work a strong position in the market, efforts to optimize the cost of production, combined with the preferences of "Mogilev" FEZ resident allowed the company to operate and develop successfully.

The main sales markets for Jokey Mogilev are Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Deliveries are also made to Moldova, Armenia. Uzbekistan and others. The company is the market leader in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.


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