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SBI Kauchuk, IOOO

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SBI Kauchuk, IOOO



Registered address

45 Prospekt Shmidta, Mogilev, 212035
SBI Kauchuk, IOOO

SBI Kauchuk was registered as a “Mogilev” FEZ resident on October 6, 2009 with an investment project on production of rubber technical goods used as a seal in the manufacture of translucent structures.

SBI Kauchuk is a high-tech enterprise for the production of rubber products made of synthetic rubber used for sealing window and door profiles in residential and commercial facilities using the updated Secil Kaucuk technology.

It is focused on various spheres of life: construction, household appliances, automotive industry and infrastructure. The main product type is rubber profiles made of EPDM mixture, which form a powerful barrier and ensure moisture protection. They are used to fill voids as well.


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